Balancing scale representing the equilibrium between employee privacy and workplace openness.

Confidentiality with transparency

How do you balance the need for confidentiality with transparency? ✏️

That’s a great question and often something that many of us must deal with on a day in and day out basis within the HR field. One thing that I’ve had to always standby however is to be authentic.

What do I mean by being authentic? I mean letting the company the team and the individual know that I’m out for their best interest. Confidentiality is important transparency is important, however, if at any time, either one of those will create harm towards the individual, team or company then you must think twice before sharing, or holding it confidential.

When I mean harm, I do not mean accountability. Accountability and harm are two separate things.. Accountability is when you are holding someone to a standard, that they need to be held to for the betterment of the goal, team or the organization.
Harm has to deal with danger. Should I be transparent or should I hold confidentiality’s many times will determine if it will bring harm towards that individual team or organization.

Source: – We Simplify human resources

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